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Scoot Review: Is Tanner Fox Quitting Scootering

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Bradley Goudie, known as Scooter Brad (@scootabrad) released a controversial video yesterday involving Tanner Fox, his YouTube fame and how it's effecting his riding and fan base. The video is based on Brads opinion, providing facts of where Tanner began versus where he is now. This video is sure to have a lot of people picking sides. Just remember that we are all entitled to our own opinions and that just because brad is in the spotlight, he is allowed to have an opinion as well. It's about remaining true to ones beliefs and not silencing yours in fear of losing followers and subscribers. Anyways, you be the judge of what you want to believe. I don't think Tanner will stop riding scooters, but I do understand that Tanner wants to further his YouTube career. It is a bitter pill to swallow for a lot of his subscribers that he posts next to zero scootering content anymore considering the scooter riders got his following started.

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