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Pro Rider Spotlight: Brandon Kilbury

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This will be a new article series I will be developing. The idea is to shed some light on notable riders that have made an impact in our industry. The first article features Brandon Kilbury.
Some of you may have heard the name, some not. Brandon is a rider who grew up in Vermont. Not necessarily a state known for having a vivid scooter scene. He has been riding for nearly 15 years. One of the handful of OG's around from the early 2000's when the US industry got it's introduction to scooters via Razor foldable scooters. His main riding buddies were Tyler Hale and Levon Fortin. They released a couple full length videos that were setting the bar for what was being done at the time. I personally had known Brandon previous to these two videos but had never really seen much riding from him. The BLT Full Length videos changed that and instantly Brandon had myself and riders alike impressed. Below are both his BLT1 and BLT2 Video Parts.

Courtesy of Jordan Jasa's YouTube.

Courtesy of Brandon Kilbury's YouTube.

Brandon eventually picked up a sponsor riding for Scooter Resource (AKA SR). Scooter Resource started as a legitimate Forum for riders to meet and discuss anything and everything from music, to video editing, to scooters. The brand was owned by Andrew Broussard, whom some refer to as the godfather of scootering. SR transitioned into making some of the first aftermarket scooter parts available. With bars and forks, with intentions to manufacture more. After a few years of selling parts Andrew decided to separate the Forum and the parts by creating Proto Scooters. A majority of the SR Team moved to the new brand, Brandon included. Some of you may be familiar with Brandons signature Gripper Wheels (seen below). To anyone who was around for the SR days, you know that the only remaining SR part Andrew offers under the Proto name is the SenioR Forks. Note the capital letters, S and R. Have to pay homage to the original.

Here is Brandons Signature Proto Gripper Video Promo:

As Brandon got older he became more involved with College. He furthered his career when moving to Los Angeles, CA to work for a company called SpaceX. This company designs, manufactures and tests rockets and spacecrafts. SpaceX hired Brandon as an Engineer. If you look at his signature Gripper Wheel, you will notice the gears, this pays tribute to his engineering background. As a friend, I can tell you, don't call Brandon a Rocket Scientist, there are VAST differences between the science and engineering involved in manufacturing a rocket, haha. Anyways, Brandon has since appeared in two Proto full length DVD projects entitled "Catalyst" (released in 2010) and Armageddon (released in 2012). These can also be seen below.

Both video parts courtesy of Proto Scooters on YouTube.

In 2012, Brandon got offered the opportunity to ride in the Nitro Circus Live Shows with Andrew Broussard. To my knowledge he rode in one of the US Tours. Here's some footage of Brandon at the Nitro Circus training ramp.

Here's a video shot and edited by yours truly of a session shortly after Brandon moved to California. The entire edit was shot at Santa Clarita Skatepark and both riders have some really solid clips. Featuring Brandon and former shop employee and Forefront Distribution Co-Owner, Spencer Steed:

Pretty cool to see his riding evolve from the early 2000's to now. Brandon still kills it to this day. He is a low key guy who keeps to himself and is humble through and through. I look forward to seeing what his career has in store both in scootering and at SpaceX. One things for sure, his riding has stood the test of time and we can only hope that there is plenty more to see in the future.

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