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Nitro Circus World Games

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The event Nitro has been planning for well over a year, and promoting for a good six month, goes off tonight! The amazing part about this event, is that they are considering all action sports in the event. BMX, Inline, Skateboarding, Freestyle Moto-X and Scootering. The field within the Scooter event is small, but packed with heavy hitters. Names such as Ryan Williams, Dakota Schuetz, Jordan Clark, Capron Funk and Corey Funk. Nitro Circus put emphasis on fair and unbiased judging. They achieve this by bringing in fellow respected industry heads. In Scootering the judges panel will include Andrew Broussard, Brandon Kilbury, Terry Price and Jake Hershey. All notable names in the industry with experience in riding the Giganta and Mega Ramps, as well as judging at several large contests and events. Travis Pastrana had announced in the beginning stages of organizing that event such as the X-Games, Dew Tour, etc were holding our riders back from true progression. Supplying a venue with the bare minimum to put on a show just good enough to keep everyone interested. He wanted to take action sports to the next level by providing the athletes with ramps that are bigger than anything you've seen, ramps that are backed by science and mathematics to allow for precision. Allowing the riders to focus on the trick they want to pull rather than playing to their restrictions. Giving the athletes the foundation to push back at the boundaries the other event holders were presenting. Below is a short video hyping the event and giving a basic idea of what the event is trying to accomplish. Oddly enough, no mention of Scootering or Inline in this video.

The event will be on the NBC network during Primetime hours all across the country.
For more details, visit http://www.nitroworldgames.com/live

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