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Aftermath of the Nitro Circus World Games

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This event is bittersweet for the Scootering and Inline community. These are my own personal views of the event and maybe this article will change the way you guys viewed the event. That being said, I'm not going to bash anyone, the event coordinators, or anyone else for that matter. I feel this article may give you a better understanding of what may come in the following years of the World Games.

We have been keeping you guys up to date on the World Games the last couple days on our Instagram, Facebook and Blog. We posted yesterday about the Live Broadcast on NBC. We were all in the mindset that all disciplines were going to be Broadcasted live. But when the event got to the last half hour of the broadcast, NBC cut to a commercial break, and it left us all thinking, "How is Inline and Scootering going to be squeezed into the last half hour when the typical timeframe of each Best Trick event was about 30 minutes?" I have seen the out pouring of riders reactions on their own and Nitro Circus' Social Media Pages. Some of those individuals going there after watching Bradley Goudie, AKA Scooter Brad whom runs the Scoot Review YouTube Channel who's following has been blowing up over the last six months. To see Brad's input on this situation, check out the video below.

If you ask me, it is a hard pill to swallow when given the idea that we would be showcased on the broadcast worldwide, and to suddenly find out it wasn't going to happen. Almost a feeling of being fooled into watching a three hour broadcast only to be teased in the end. BUT, there is another way to view the situation. We should feel honored to be included at all. Regardless of being broadcasted to the world or not. The industry was still limelighted to the thousands of people that participated in the stands, as well as the other action sports athletes who competed in Skate, Inline, BMX and FMX. Look at it as a social event for our athletes to meet other respectable athletes to prove our worth to the action sports community as a whole. We are not this gigantic sport that so many brands and pro riders want us all to believe. We are steadily gaining recognition for the sport into the general public. We can't expect everything to be handed to us immediately. Prime example is the X-Games. We have been a prospect by the X-Games commission for years, and given they have included such events as "Call Of Duty Gaming" into the medal contention but not an actual action sport like Scootering, it can be a little infuriating. Though with the help of companies like Razor, we had the opportunity to host demo's in the vendors area of the X-Games to give everyone a glimpse at what we could do. Another example is Inline. They haven't been included in major events like X-Games, Gravity Games, Dew Tour, etc for years. They have a large underground scene and are making a comeback to the action sports community. You have guys like Travis Pastrana who wants all action sports to be respected because there are some amazing people involved with all industries. Travis and the Nitro Circus all agree that every industry has it's place in the action sports world. Nitro Circus preaches for acceptance, tolerance, positivity and progression. Which is what action sports SHOULD be about. We are all out there to have fun and progress at our own pace. Regardless of what we are riding. Nobody wants to be exposed to negativity when expressing themselves through their sport. There is no such thing as a "wrong way to ride", and to say that is all based on your own opinion. Expressing yourself through riding is an artform and opinions in an artform are only subjective. Do what you enjoy. But anyways, I'm straying away from the subject at hand.
The overall message of this article is to let Nitro Circus know that you had hoped for all the action sports to be broadcasted. While doing it in a respectful and mature manner. There is no need for lashing out at them. They spent millions of dollars to include all sports in this event. Just to be included in the event, rather than shunned, is a gigantic step for our industry. Even if it hurts a little. The cliche saying "Patience is a virtue" rings true in this situation. We are ready, we just have to prove it to the right people and certainly with patience and hard work we will meet the goals we wish to accomplish. Then we can strive for the next goal and continue to progress like all the other action sports before us. They certainly were not handed everything just because they said they felt like they deserved it. Now onto the results!

Freestyle Moto-X:
1. Levi Sherwood
2. Josh Sheehan
3. Taka Higashino

Moto-X Best Trick:
1. Gregg Duffy
2. Pat Bowden
3. Josh Sheehan

Inline Best Trick:
1. Chris Haffey
2. Roman Abrate
3. Dave Lang

Skateboard Best Trick:
1. Elliot Sloan
2. Clay Kreiner
3. Trey Wood

BMX Triple Hit:
1. Colton Walker
2. Logan Martin
3. Alex Coleburn

BMX Best Trick:
1. Ryan Williams
2. Kurtis Downs
3. Gavin Godfrey

Scooter Best Trick:
1. Capron Funk
2. Jordan Clark
3. Corey Funk
4. Dakota Schuetz
5. Ryan Williams

So a bit of a shocking turn out on the results, as I am sure you all will agree.
With Ryan Williams taking First in BMX Best Trick, but struggling to pull a corked 1080 in Scooter Best Trick, taking last place. Some of you may be aware that Dakota didn't show up until Friday night, so he missed the first couple days of practice. Former Scooter rider, Brandon Loupos rode in BMX Triple Hit but struggled to pull his run of a backflip tailwhip, 1080 then a cash roll, taking last place as well. Hopefully there will be some more content posted in the next day or two showing the Scootering event in it's entirety so we can see what all was thrown down. As the content comes in, I will be sure to post it for you guys!
Lastly, I'd like to say thank you to Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus, it's staff, the athletes who participated as athletes and judges. I'd also like to say Congratulations to all the athletes who competed. We will look forward to next year!

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