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The Tech Zone is the place to go if you're looking to learn anything scooter related. Feel free to use this library as a resouce to learn how to maintain and assemble your scooters as well as learning new tricks. Click here to use the contact form and request new how-to videos!

How to Tech Videos How to Trick Videos

How to Change Wheels

How to Install Bearings 

How to Install and use SCS 

How to use ICS Compression 

How to Tighten a Threaded Headset 

How to Install a Headset

How to use Install and use HIC Compression

How to Install a Star Nut

How to Install Pegs

How to Install Grips

How to Install Grip Tape 

How to Install Integrated Headset 

How to use Pro Comp HIC Clamp Compression 

How to use SCS and HIC without a Star Nut

How to remove a Star Nut

How to Stretch an SCS Clamp

How to Cut a Slit in Bars

How to Dial Your District Brake

How to Remove and Install a Crown Race

How to Barspin

How to Hang 5

How to Briflip

How to Tailwhip

How to Front Scooter Flip

How to Bartwist

How to 360

How to Invert

How to Fingerwhip

How to Flair

How to Tailwhip to Barspin

How to 360 Flat

How to 360 Barspin/Truckdriver

How to Decade

How to Handplant Spines

How to Tailwhip Rewind

How to Double Peg Stall

How to Toothpick Stall

How to No Grab Superman

How to Footjam

How to Frontside Footjam

How to Icepick Stall

How to 540 to fakie

How to Heelwhip

How to Backside Feeble Grind

How to Backside Smith Grind

How to Frontside Smith Grind

How to Double Tailwhip

How to Double Heelwhip

How to Double Barspin

How to do Hurricane Grinds

How to Fakie

How to Backside Smith to Backside 360

How to Tuck No Hander

How to Frontside Overcrook

How to 540 Air

How to Nose Manual

How to Unlookback/Unturndown

How to Backside Lipside Backside 270

How to Superman Deck Grab

How to Walltap

How to Backside Boardslide

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