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Daniel Rey


Name: Daniel Rey

Resides: Grover Beach, CA

Sponsors: Scooter Zone

Setup: TSI Sledge, Proto T-bars, Epic Julio wheels, Tilt Arc SCS, Tilt Continental Grips, Epic Ryan Gould 125mm Forks, 5 Starr Headset, Tilt 6 Shooter Bearings, and any griptape I find laying around.

Favorite spots: Pretty much any big city, any weird obstacle I find, The Valley, Riverside, DIY’s, and my hometown.

Career Goal(s): Finishing School. Flying out to Europe someday. I definitely want to start up a small buisness of my own, weather it be a business involving scootering, music, art, whatever haha, basically just want to start something new and have fun with it.

Career Milestones: Getting picked up by 5 Starr back in the day (#rip), getting a job at my local scooter store, All of my recent video parts, and of course, Josh reaching out to me and putting me on SZ.

Interests: Scootering, writing music/playing guitar, graphic design, filming, photography, skating, biking, traveling, spending as much time as I can with friends & family.

Last Words: A GIANT Thank You to Scooter Zone for everything, my Mom, Dad, brothers, cousins, my close friends, anyone who has let me crash at their place during trips, anyone who's bought me food(ever), And last but not least, Jesus Christ.



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